Trend Innovations Holding Inc. Thy News Application Review Year 2022 and Update Toward 2023

Vilnius, Lithuania, Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: “TREN” or “The Company”)is a company specializing in innovative technologies using Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). One of the company's key projects is the Thy News application.

Thy News is a mobile application that is an aggregator of news articles. It collects news from various sources and provides users with an easy-to-read format. This is convenient and practical for users. They are not limited to pre-installed sources but are offered various ways to personalize the service.

In 2022 the Company was actively developing and improving the news aggregator's features. The Company expects that they will be available to significantly increase the value of Thy News, thereby acquiring a constant flow of new customers without losing existing ones.

The team develops the following functionality:

-       TOP YouTube feed

The user is provided with an up-to-date selection on the TOP YouTube, the ability to create feeds for YouTube channel videos and the ability to simultaneously see YouTube updates and check news feeds. The update is already available for users.

-       Developing regional news feature

Regional news will show what is going on near your location or a chosen place. The feature aggregates all news from local sources based on the user’s position.

-       The second version of the AI consultant chatbot

The chatbot on the website will advise clients on the services and projects of the Company. Users will be able to communicate with the product and it understands them. Also, the quality of the dialogues will be improved in the second version. We plan to give the impression to users that they are communicating with a real assistant through chatbot. 

-       Thy News localization

Localization entails adapting the interface, functionality, buttons, images, and other content for a particular country. In Thy News, the default language is English, but users can change the settings and select the application’s interface language on their own. The following languages were chosen for implementation: English (base language), German, French, and Spanish.

-       Comments to the news

Having analyzed options for improving the news aggregator, the Company launched the development of the forum section and commenting news. The goal is to facilitate the process of communication between users and help them to easily find topics ranging different interests.

-       Podcasts

The Company plans to add a new section “Podcasts” to its news aggregator. The users will be able to select their own podcast from a wide range of trends. It is more convenient for modern audiences to consume information in this way, and creators are looking to progress in this direction.

-       The web version of the application

Also, the development team plans to create a web version of the Thy News aggregator. It would be useful for everyone to be aware of the most relevant news. All you need is internet access.

Management plans to focus on improving the machine learning in 2023 for the Thy News application which will help deliver personalized content to users. Artificial intelligence will mark the themes that the user is interested in and offer him a news feed based on his preferences in a separate section.

An information vacuum will not be created by pre-installed websites. The user will still be free in his preferences, but we will be able to get an automated content selection process. 

Being engaged in the development of this direction, also with the help of AI, it will be possible to track topics in various industries. This will be such areas as tracking innovations in digital banking. With the advanced AI model of the Thy News, users can easily follow the growth and strategies of the world’s 300 neobanks. This is just one of the options for case study tracking models that the company will be developing.

Working on the development of the application Trend Innovations Holding Inc. focuses on providing the user with an interesting product by combining all functions in one application.

About Trend Innovations Holding Inc.

Trend Innovations Holding Inc. (OTCQB: TREN) is an expert in the field of information technology based on artificial intelligence. The Thy News application is one of the company's key projects. The Thy News is a worldwide application for processing news from multiple sources. It was created for users who value their time and desire to keep up with the latest world news. The app provides the user with the opportunity to create their news feeds, only from those sources that are of interest to him, as well as to make several such feeds by dividing them into topics.

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